AQ430 Code Development Tools: Differences between versions
(Bugs are highlighted in RED)

Previous history



Released 01/15/2003

  • Fixed bug in “Find in Project” when .h files appeared in multiple sources
  • Fixed bug related to editing files outside of AQ430 and rebuilding
  • Fixed bug related to quick watch of arrays
  • Added customization of syntax colors
  • First version of “Source Wizard” to help create source code.


Released 02/01/2003

  • Changed editor to allow for n spaces instead of TABs
  • Linker command file , if used, appears in project tree and is editable
  • Improved “Source Wizard” for I/O Port definition
  • New menu options to read program from chip and program txt or hex file to chip
  • Much improved speed for “step over”
  • Improved compatibility with IAR directive using our own .iar directive
  • Fixed problem with stopping of animation
  • Fixed problem with run non real time introduced in previous version
  • Fixed problem with sprintf and spurious Inf values


Released 2/15/03

  • Fixed bug that caused system to hang if a “run to cursor” command did not complete
  • Current line number in the editor now shows correctly, even when project loaded
  • Fixed a bug in sprintf that would cause wrong float values to be written under certain rounding conditions
  • Fixed bug in watch of char pointer (only lower byte would appear)
  • Fixed bug in display of & character in watch window
  • We now show both the actual chip and the defined chip when hardware check done while project open
  • Library projects no longer close automatically if not associated with stand alone project
  • AQ430 can now handle very  deep (and long) directory structure
  • Some built-in functions were changed to return the previous status rather than current status: _BIC_SR/_BIS_SR/_BIC_SR_IRQ/_BIS_SR_IRQ
  • You can now drag and drop a project onto AQ430 to open it
  • You can now also call the Source Wizard from the Project menu, once a project is created.
  • We THINK that the intermittent “path problem” may be licked


Released 3/25/03

  • The intermittent “path problem” is now, finally, licked! Sorry for the inconvenience
  • The other intermittent problem, crashes while editing and running at the same time is now fixed
  • The assembler now allows the use of a character constant, delimited by single quotes, as an immediate operand.
  • We have corrected an error in the runtime library functions smult32sslhw.asm and umult32sslhw.asm which was causing them each to return its 32 bit result with the least significant bits in the most significant bits position and vice versa.
  • We have fixed a code generation error which arises when you wrote something like "x = expr ? f() : g()", where x, f, and g had struct type.
  • Added a feature to save map in “verbose format” in Options/Project/Target Options
  • We have added a feature that saves projects in “ini file” format as well as the serialized format, to facilitate control from , for example, an external editor. We also supply a utility (qtx2qpj.txt) to transform “ini style” project back into “serialized” projects
  • We now support some of the Enhanced Emulation Module features on MSP430F44x. See Help… Index… EEM breakpoints for more info


Released 5/07/03

  • Added support for 2 dimensional arrays and arrays of structures in watch window
  • Added icon for hard reset (power cycle)
  • Added icon for project unload
  • Column size of watch window is now saved with window position
  • Fixed bug related to certain unsigned multiplies
  • Fixed bug in sprintf related to display of certain floating point numbers


Released 5/24/03

  • Fixed a problem which was causing AQ430ASR to emit incorrect fatal error messages when using relative addressing involving an absolute segment.
  • Fixed a memory accessing error in AQ430PEEP which was sometimes causing it to fail when run under Windows XP.
  • Fixed a problem in the assembler, whereby the "db" directive was not being handled in the same way as the ".byte" directive in program segments (for "db", it was not packing bytes).
  • Fixed problem in watch of arrays of char pointers (display would only show lower byte of address)
  • Added tab in user window to display map file.
  • Added support for EEM features of MSP430F43x





Released 6/15/03

  • Fix bugs introduced in previous version relative to watch window. oops!
  • Added capability to insert watches with INS key in the watch window, and to edit watch variable names
  • Faster integer division routines


Released 6/25/03

  • Fix problem in watch window with array watches

This version is the last “challenge string” version. We also introduced an equivalent version, in the “hardware fingerprint” mode. The next full version release (not before the end of July 2003) will only be in the “hardware fingerprint” mode. This does not make any difference for new customers. Current customers will have to get another response string from us, using their registration string (and hardware fingerprint) as input. When they download the “hardware fingerprint” version,  they will have 30 days to complete the change over. Their old AQ430 versions will still work.


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