AQ430 Code Development Tools: Differences between versions
(Bugs are highlighted in RED)

Previous history


Released 10/09/2002

  • Add a menu choice in "options" to automatically take care of the "path problem" by modifying autoexec.bat 
  • Fixed various bugs related to "Groups" in new style project 
  • Fixed bug in "find in files" for project





Released 10/29/2002

        Some people have experienced problems with the installation of this newest version. We think the problem is now solved. However, if you experience problems, please let us know immediately and revert to the next to last version ( available from our web site.

  • Major changes to use a DLL for JTAG interface: this change will greatly facilitate future hardware migrations, and   the introduction of new "avatars" of the MSP430.  
  • Add "find word at cursor" in text editor (feature already available for "replace") 
  • Add capability to add a breakpoint while program is  running (the "Kris de Vos" feature ;-))
  • More modular floating point library

Version 2.0.3.




Released 11/17/2002

                    Added feature (in the BP edit dialog) to optionally update the IDE each time a hardware breakpoint is hit (“fast animate”) 

                    Added html help files for compiler and run time library (in help menu)

                    Fixed bug caused by new DLL version: in stepping mode, manual changes to CPU registers would not be taken into account

                    Fixed bug in install package for Win2000 , WinXP and WinNT: the driverx driver would not be installed correctly, unless the AQ430 software had already been installed once.






Released 11/26/2002

  • #warning directive now complements #error: does not stop compilation, but warns the user
  • The C compiler no longer defines "loop" as a keyword.
  • Fixed a bug in C compiler in the initialization of certain bit fields.
  • The aq430.htm manual now documents the _SWPB built-in function. We also define _SWAP_BYTES to provide compatibility with IAR.
  • Added two menu options in Project menu to store and restore windows position so that a project can easily be arranged the same way another project was saved.



Released 12/06/2002

  • Added “sticky” feature to file open dialog (remembers type of last open file)
  • Fixed a bug in watch window that would modify values for arrays when display format was changed.


Released 12/22/2002

        Added check for change in linker command file for “make” decisions

        Added option to not hunt for the JTAG interface on all parallel ports

        Added “functions” menu in context menu to quickly go to functions in a C file

        Added special feature to prevent  unnecessary reprogramming of user-defined range(in options/project)

        Fixed “right justification” problem in Find in Files tab

        Fixed problem with display of signed integers

        Fixed General Clock Control problem

        Fixed problem with watch of self-referencing structures



Released 12/29/2002

  • Modified step function to automatically clear CpuOff
  • Added versions of Run Time library without floating point format support to save RAM and “ROM”
  • Added support for SoftBaugh’s Replicator



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