NEW IDE (AQ430X) to support the newest MSP430 components(46xx, 54xx, etc…)



Quadravox, Inc. has designed development tools for embedded systems since 1996.

Archelon, Inc. has, since 1982, developed tools for microcoding and, in particular, have pioneered the implementation of standard high level languages on microprogrammed hardware, signal processor chips and other unique architectures.

Archelon and Quadravox have joined forces to develop AQ430, a  new, affordable, (US$ 395.00) development tool for Texas Instruments MSP430Fxxx micro-controllers.

Quadravox now supports the products by EMBEDDEDkits . EMBEDDEDkits offers several bundled products which combine the Quadravox tools and their professional-grade JTAG Interface Tool and MSP430 modules. These bundles are only available from the EMBEDDEDkits website. Click here for more details.


Starting from version AQ430 now supports the SoftBaugh  Replicator .


Quadravox now offers a special edition ("SE") of Pumpkin, Inc.'s Salvo RTOS for MSP430, bundled with AQ430. The cost of this SE version is $395.00, if purchased with the AQ430 tools.  You can download a free version of Salvo for MSP430 ("Lite") from here.   To purchase Salvo SE from Quadravox, please use the purchase form   and indicate in the appropriate field that you want to purchase Salvo SE. We will send you instructions as to how to download and unlock your Salvo software. Salvo SE comes with 3 months of support and free updates from Pumpkin, Inc., the makers of Salvo.  Once you have purchased Salvo SE, you can download available updates from here.