AQ430X Code Development Tools for all MSP430Fxxx microcontrollers
(Last modified: May 15, 2010)
Price and Availability:

AQ430X is a new IDE that also supports the larger MSP430FG46xx components, as well as MSP430F26xx, MSP430F54xx, etc….

Download the 30-day trial version

Win2000, WinXP, WinNT:

DOWNLOAD (V3.0.4.1  self extracting executable, about 10 Mbytes)

Click here to see the differences between the different versions

To get the hardware fingerprint, simply click on “enter key” after you start the tools, in the opening dialog. The HW fingerprint (2 four digit hex numbers) will be displayed on the screen. Click on “OK” (instead of “Enter key”) to access the 30 day free trial version.

Click here to purchase AQ430X. ($450)

 Note that if you already have an AQ430 license, your download of the new IDE (AQ430X) will be automatically unlocked. (No need to purchase!) We simply ask that you make sure that your support is up to date. To renew support for one year ($39.50) please click here.

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Note that the AQ430X tools require an MSP430 Flash Emulation Tool to work correctly. This tool can be obtained from TI , or directly from  Olimex,  SoftBaugh, Embeddedkits, etc…

This version is valid for 30 days from first use. At any time during the 30 day period, you can purchase the software for $450.00. (Texas residents, add 8.25% sales tax).  This price includes one year of free support and updates.

To purchase, follow the instructions for "registration" in the help file. You will be given a  “hardware fingerprint” that you will have to submit to us with your credit card information. In return, we will send you a name and key to unlock your software. Note that there cannot be any refunds AFTER you purchase the software.   Please  note the version number (for example:  of your software before you go to the registration page: to get the version number, simply click on the ? ("About") icon on the AQ430X tool bar.  The version number is also indicated when you download the trial version.

If you bought the software as a "bundle", and were given a password to submit at the time you want to unlock the software, follow the link to "purchase" and omit the credit card information in the secure form.

If you cannot pay by credit card,  please contact us directly about payment by check.  Due to the high cost of the procedure,  there is a $25 surcharge for international payments by bank transfer.

You will receive an invoice in pdf format at the address supplied as your email address.

PURCHASE (Make sure you have your machine fingerprint , and the software version number before clicking here. )
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