Main Features of the AQ430 Code Development Tools for MSP430Fxxx microcontrollers

C Preprocessor

Supports ANSI C with extensions for multi-line assembler macros
(#macro/#endm), arithmetic variables (#set), repeat blocks (#rept/#endr).
Can be used on both C and assembler code.

C Compiler (see also Archelon's web page)

Conforms to the ANSI/ISO standard (9899-1990), except that all floating
point arithmetic is single precision IEEE format.

(New) Supports fractional arithmetic

(New) Supports 64 bit “long long” integers

Supports inline functions.

Supports easily writing interrupt handlers in C.

Supports inline assembly code which can reference variables
and structure offsets declared in C.

Provides intrinsic functions to enable/disable interrupts, to modify
the current status register and to modify the status register saved
during an interrupt.

Optimizations include constant folding, global common sub-expression
elimination and reduction in strength.

Includes a powerful graph-coloring register allocator to generate more
optimal code.

Outputs assembly code with original C code shown as comments.

Supports symbolic debugging, using an enhanced version of the COFF format.

Supports initialization of RAM data from Flash memory at program startup


Automatically converts short jumps to long jumps when necessary.

Can optionally generate a listing file.


Generates COFF format output file.

Functions in libraries are only loaded when needed.

Searching of libraries is independent of the ordering of
object files in a library.


Builds and maintains searchable libraries of object modules.

Old IDE (see screen shot of AQ430)  / New IDE (see screen shot of AQ430X)

Integrated Development Environment under Win98/ME/NT4/2000/XP. Automatically detects Operating System for optimal driver speed.

Create projects, edit files, compile, assemble, link, make / build and debug your application within a single Windows™ IDE.

Projects can include C, assembly files , object files and library files.

Programs can be run in batch mode for repetitive debugging.

Tools can generate trace files in hex or ASCII format
Supports all MSP430 flash programmable chips: MSP430F11xx,, F122, F123, F133, F135, F147, F148, F149, F41x, F43x, F44x, F15x,F16xx,F20x3,F21x1,F22x4 ,FE42x,F42x,FW42x,FG43x  via the parallel port or USB FET tools . (supports all available parallel port FETs, and TI, SoftBaugh, Olimex and Elprotronics USB FETs)

New IDE (AQ430X) supports all the new larger chips (MSP430F46xx)

Easy switching between “C view” and “asm view”

Watch, modify C variables and structures